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Monday, October 27, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Welcome Stampers

Today's post is a little different than usual. It's all about hopping!
That is Blog Hopping... that's where you visit one blog and then click on a link to take you to the next Blog in the Hop. It all got started for me when my very creative friend Brenda Quintana nominated me to take part in The CREATIVE BLOG HOP. This particular hop allows us to share our creative process through a series of questions. I so enjoyed reading Brenda's answers and learning about how she comes up with her fabulous projects. I was so fortunate to meet up with Brenda at the 2013 Stampin'Up Convention in Salt Lake City. In the little time I have known her she has been a friend of encouragement, generosity and  integrity.I believe we have a few things in common, the love of creating something unusual, having that creative burst hit at any time of the day and of course chocolate. Please ENJOY Brenda's blog  QBees QUEST , I call her " the Queen of Hershey's Kisses "

What am I working on right now? 
I wish I could say it was just one thing. It seems that I always have more ideas than time to execute them all. I have a product that I am working on that I know will be a time saver for the average stamper. However in the meantime it's all about finding and maintaining a balance in my life.

How does my work differ from others in my genre? 
Well, I think my blog title helps me define what it is I like to do. It's All About Finding Ways to S T R E T C H my Stampin'Up goodies. My goal is to share multiple ways of using the same stamp set , die cut or framelits. I want my audience to know that when they make a product purchase they can count on a variety of ways to use it. When stampers come to visit they can find "out of the box" projects that are unique and a pleasure to copy and give to others.

Why do I create what I do? 
Creating and why I do it probably has  several factors involved. I personally derive self satisfaction out of almost everything I create. I thoroughly enjoy using several mediums including  paper, fabric and jewelry accessories. Truthfully , sometimes I just HAVE TO make something...I guess you could say, it's kind of a personal obsession . But why keep it a secret? It gives me great pleasure to share my ideas with others. Whether it is at my classes , on this blog, Pinterest or other online connections I hope that viewers will fill inspired and be able to easily follow the instructions I provide.

How does my creative process work? 
I kind of think it's a chicken and egg thing. A new catalog gets released and like everyone else I flip through all the pages absorbing the many images and samples they feature. I usually look at the stamp set images and look right past the samples....weird huh? I find my instant favorites by looking at style preference, does it need to be colored or how would it look embossed? Can I use this on a 3-D project or do I just LOVE it so much I don't care?
And then there is color! I adore finding new color combos and will sometimes play online color challenges just to see how I can make those colors work. I have been know to create my own color combos by the  multitude of scraps hanging out on my design table. I will see a couple of colors get mixed together while I am cleaning up and say " Hey those look pretty good together ". The hardest part is "Holding that Thought". I mean who needs dinner anyway?

Tag - you're it! 
Now it’s my turn to tag someone for the Creative Hop! I didn’t have to think hard to think of someone either. I’ve been following SONJA KNAISCH since we meet at Convention this year. We meet at our hotel and she needed a ride over to the convention center...our big van had room for 2 more so she was ON BOARD. Our meeting was bittersweet as the 2 of us found out we were both Breast Cancer Survivors. Sonja has not been a demo for a long time but enjoys sharing through her tutorials. She also has a PROJECT GIVE THANKS outreach providing cards for cancer patients. Please hop on over to Sonja's STAMPING FROM MY HOUSE TO YOUR'S anytime. Her official Creative Blog Hop post will be up next Monday, Nov.3rd. I can’t wait to read her answers.

Sonja is upfront and center and I'm the tall one center back

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