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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses Sunday

Stop and Smell the Roses Sunday......

My California Poppies

I am sure you have heard many times to stop and smell the roses. This means that you should quit rushing around and just enjoy life. Instead of focusing on the things you want to change, try focusing on what is going right. Celebrate and reflect on positive events and surroundings in your life. 

Well this week has been busy as usual. With the warm summer weather the garden vegetables and fruit trees are beckoning for extra attention. The Santa Rosa plums were dropping like crazy. In my usual style, I was anxious about all the wonderful fruit I was losing. Gosh darn it, I'm being wasteful I thought .So I thought WOW, look what I have, not only do I get to pick fresh organic fruit everyday, but I also am able to feed the birds and ground animals, make some jam ( still to be done) and also dry some with my food dehydrator for my son's back- packing trip. Sometimes it's just good to Stop and look at the positive side of our dilemmas.

Here's a card I did quite awhile ago which I never posted, I just love the Summer Colors!

So since I'm talking about fruit this week, and Now it's onto the blackberries picking , I'd love to know what is your favorite SUMMER Fruit is ? Personally  I adore White Nectarines! What about you?

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