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Saturday, November 7, 2009


How to Create An Embossed Image

1. Dust your card stock with an Embossing Buddy #103083 
    This will help to prevent extra unwanted flecks of embossing powder
    from sticking to your paper beyond your stamped image.
Versamark Pad - by Stampin' Up!Embossing Buddy - by Stampin' Up!

2. Using a VERSAMARK  clear ink pad# 102283 
    stamp your image onto the piece of dusted card stock.
3. Sprinkle EMBOSSING POWDER onto the stamped image.The powder will 
    stick only where the ink is even though it is scattered all over the image.
    Tap off excess powder, I usually will tap the back of the card stock
    knocking the excess powder onto a piece of copy paper that I can fold
    and drop the leftover powder back into my powder container.

4. Using a HEAT TOOL #129053 , melt thembossing powder by holding the  
    tool about 4 " from the image until the image turns shiny.
    Be patient, don't get the heat too close to the paper or you could burn it.
    Let cool (1 minute)

Heat Tool

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